hey, where have you been (or selling your house without a realtor)? part III.

well that was easy. this whole fsbo thing has turned out to be a breeze.

couple from yesterday came by with their realtor. after a bit of very mild uncomfortableness about making an offer in front of us, they made it and we countered and they accepted. the final offer was very close to our asking price so we’re obviously very happy. all of their paperwork seems to be in order, but we’re going to have a realtor friend go over the paperwork to make sure all that everything looks normal. of course, there’s still the inspection and a few other details to be finalized but everything is looking as positive as can be expected. i still can’t believe it. we didn’t even have to advertise in the paper, pay to have the house included in the mls, or even have a single open house. even better for us, they’d like to close by the end of month which works out perfectly for us.

inquiring minds are wondering why we’re moving so quickly. you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for that story.

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