i can feel myself getting close to setting up an 802.11 network for personal consumption and oreillynet keeps giving me less and less of a reason for being lazy [not that that ever really stopped me].

Getting Started with Lucent’s 802.11b Wireless LAN Card:

“These uber-cool devices operate in the deregulated 2.4-GHz band (just like high-end cordless phones). They work best with direct line of sight, but will operate through walls, windows, ceilings, and just about anything not made of metal. And they not only work as advertised, they work well.

Of course, you’ve got to get them installed first, which is unnecessarily quirky (and in some cases, outright frustrating). But fear not, we’ll brave the dark forces of product re-branding and misguided Microsoft plug-and-pray together!

First, I’ll tell you what equipment you need: a gateway and a wireless LAN card. Next, I’ll explain how to install the drivers for the card. Then I’ll focus in on installation on different platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. Finally, I’ll talk a bit about security and encryption.”

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