peter pointed to something called group forming networks and That Sneaky Exponential—Beyond Metcalfe’s Law to the Power of Community Building:

“But many kinds of value are created within networks. While many kinds of value grow proportionally to network size and some grow proportionally to the square of network size, I’ve discovered that some network structures create total value that can scale even faster than that. Networks that support the construction of communicating groups create value that scales exponentially with network size, i.e. much more rapidly than Metcalfe’s square law. I will call such networks Group-Forming Networks, or GFNs.”

note to self: you better remember to investigate it further or i’m pulling out that can of whoopass. i mean it. i don’t care how much ‘real’ work you have to do. say it three times. group forming networks. group forming networks. group forming networks

put a reminder on the fridge.

tie a string to your finger.

don’t forget. you’re really interested in it, you’re just a little tired right now.

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