maybe i should call the gore camp and do a little legal advising. as you’ve probably heard they were pummeled in court today:

“The strongly worded decision from Leon County circuit court judge N. Sanders Sauls was the most severe blow yet to the Gore campaign. He ruled there was “no credible statistical evidence” or other substantial evidence to show that further recounts had a “reasonable probability” of throwing the presidential election to Mr Gore. “

i guess the judge doesn’t read nature:

“The infamous ‘butterfly’ style ballot card used by Palm Beach County, Florida, in the recent US presidential election causes voting errors and raises doubt over the final result — not the conclusion of a democrat-led inquiry, but the finding of psychologists who have examined the controversial ballot paper
in new experimental trials.”

“Almost eight per cent of people using the butterfly ballot in the trial made mistakes — most inadvertently voting for Clark when they believed they were choosing Chretien. Many more said that the card was confusing.”

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