want to feel superfine every single day? then maybe you should run charities.cron. giving has never so easy:

# This is a cron script in the gawk language to frequent the various
# charity sites affiliated with thehungersite.com. These sites have
# obtained corporate sponsorship to enable web users to donate food,
# health care, and other goods to the needy by clicking on a link. The
# sites generally count one click per IP address per day. While it’s
# hard for people to remember to return to each site each day to donate,
# it’s a perfect task for a cron job. This script uses lynx to download
# the page to a temp file, identify the proper link, “click” it (sending
# output to /dev/null), and then remove the temp file. By making this a
# daily cron job, you can cause thousands of dollars to be donated to
# charity each year.

[via genehack]

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