previously on kottke – jason wonders about a web app that serves as a browsing prosthesis [no. i’m not sure why that word came to mind]:

Idea: a little Web-app or browser plug-in that follows me around while I’m surfing, caching pages along the way, either on my local machine or preferably somewhere on the Internet like X:drive (up to 100 Mb of online storage, free!), and then allowing me to search/sort those pages by keyword, date, domain, &c. That way, I’ll never lose track of those bits of information that seem insignificant at the time, but which are important at some point down the road.

i like the idea. well it turns out that personal web indexer has some of that functionality. i’m posting it here on the slim chance that i’ll remember that it could form the basis for a dynamic topical index that i’ve been hankering to work on. and yes. i do realize that this makes the second reference to kottke this week. i’ll pilfer links loudly and proudly!

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