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the future of real-time facial recognition and a augmented (dating) reality is here, it’s just not even distributed.

the launch of the unsanctioned google glass real-time facial recognition app nametag has, unsurprisingly, spilled much ink on privacy implications of combining real-time facial recognition with a early emphasis finding a date. for now, google has banned facial recognition apps from the app store, wanting to stay out of the fray of creepy dating apps and whatever the nypd ( and others ) could imagine doing with real-time facial recognition. but i think the future is inevitable. while i’m appalled at the privacy implications, with my horrid name/face recognition skills, about the only reason i’d wear google glass is to use an opt-in app that gave me a little supplemental information about those in my surroundings. it’s interesting that most of articles i’ve seen on ibeacon focus on location-based marketing, but the soon to be ubiquitous peer-to-peer technology embedded on all ios 7 devices can be used to create a, you guessed it, dating app, “you can envision all sorts of exciting peer-to-peer interactions. Imagine a hook-up app like Tinder for the bar you’re in, with Bluetooth facilitating the flirting before you even say hello.”