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the future of real-time facial recognition and a augmented (dating) reality is here, it’s just not even distributed.

the launch of the unsanctioned google glass real-time facial recognition app nametag has, unsurprisingly, spilled much ink on privacy implications of combining real-time facial recognition with a early emphasis finding a date. for now, google has banned facial recognition apps from the app store, wanting to stay out of the fray of creepy dating apps […]

Researchers discover cell phone hackers can track your location without your knowledge

with no help from the service provider, using open source software and a cheap cell phone, researchers were able to “..track the location of a test subject within a 10-block area as the subject traveled across an area of Minneapolis at a walking pace. “

tracking cell phone location mandated by fcc

working for motorola in 2001 i was well aware that the FCC mandated all phones track users which folks are just noticing. *possibly* unrelatedly i haven’t owned a cell phone since leaving ( actually, not really the reason why but i can talk no further