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The story of .io | Citizen Ex

“The Chagossian people have a word, in their Creole language, for heartbreak: sagren. It is a profound sorrow which refers to the loss of a home, and the impossibility of returning to it. As we build new worlds with our technologies, knitted from fiber-optic light and lines of code, it is incumbent on us to ensure it does not reproduce the erasures and abuses of the old, but properly accounts for the rights and liberties of every one of us.” citizen-ex

poultry.internet: a system for remote human-pet interaction

adrian cheok wants to create a sensory internet and, naturally(?), started with poultry and made haptic jackets for chickens which can produce a gentle touch at a distance. and he has research to prove the chickens enjoy it ( “if the chicken enters the blue door we remotely touch it through the pet doll interface” ). i wonder if he’s willing to open-source the system design so i can create for The Girls ( though i should probably first finish the wireless nesting box – based on the wireless tweeting fridge – that tweets when an egg is laid ). oh, and if you’re thinking of making a “choking the chicken” the slashdot commenter, er, beat you to it.