unapproved genetically modified wheat discovered in oregon

asia curbs US wheat imports after a genetically modified sample was found, putting billions of food exports at stake. perhaps the economic threat from accidental contamination might end up translating into support for gmo labelling which is something that reports of superweeds. superpests and ever increasing consumer demand for gmo-free food haven’t been able to do. interesting that contamination comes just days after the u.s. senate voted overwhelmingly — 71 to 27 — against a gmo labelling amendment that didn’t itself even require labeling of genetically modified organisms, but merely would have let states decide if they wanted to require such labeling. it took me awhile to find an article that revealed how they found the gmo wheat, which has not been approved to grow in the US and faces staunch opposition around the world. the wheat was growing where it wasn’t wanted, like a weed, and wouldn’t die after being treated with roundup.

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