Another Big Job for the radio flyer wagon.

Another Big Job for the radio flyer wagon.

why yes, i’m slowly making progress on The World’s Most Awesome Treehouse(s) since drilling two foot holes through the trees! the supports are up ( i’ll show more on the design later ) and today i started framing out the 14’x16′ platform for the 2″x10″ floor joists that will be built around two of the trees.

so, once again, i paid a visit to nelson’s agricenter to pick up four 14′ 2″x10″s and a couple 16′ 2″x10″s. only, i didn’t have the car so i had to take odin’s radio flyer wagon. the fine folks at nelson’s are used to this kind of behavior from me, since i only live a couple of blocks away.

as i wheeled the wagon into the lumber barn, the lumber guys didn’t skip a beat.

lumber guy number one: “i see you’re starting another big job, huh.”


lumber guy number two, scratching his head: “well, i dunno, i guess we’ll skip putting a red flag on on it.”

“yeah, probably doesn’t need it. just going down the road.”

so they loaded the boards on the wagon and i wheeled it down the street to much to amusement of several small kids playing in yards along the route.

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