poor pushkin!

with pushkin, it only takes a moment. while visiting family in grand rapids, michigan a side door got left open and pushkin slipped out. we all ran out and saw a car stopped at the nearby intersection with people standing around the vehicle. they saw him get hit by a car ( or did they hit him? it wasn’t clear ), but at least he was in good enough condition to get up and keep running.

we caught up to him a few blocks away and found scrapes on his face, a chunk of flesh removed from his hind leg and while he seemed sore, we didn’t see any obvious signs of broken bones.

the nice lady at the 24 hour emergency vet asked a few questions about his gum color ( pink ), eye dilation ( normal and responsive ) and breathing ( panting, but not overly so ) and said the best thing to do would be to sit tight and observe him closely for any signs of behavior changes.

so we’ll sit. and watch.

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