the eric update – day 1894: first day of kindergarten!

one thousand eight hundred and ninety three days have passed by since odin was born on the fourth of july. thousands of days passing to bring us to this moment.

the first day of kindergarten.

it has all gone by in what seems like an instant.

and while it’s somewhat of a bittersweet moment for us, odin was absolutely, positively enthusiastic about heading off to school.

"are you nervous?"

"no! not at all."

and so, that’s how Odin’s Adventures – The School Age Years, began.

simply. proudly. patiently waiting for his poppi to take yet another picture on the school stoop with his bestest buddy from the neighborhood who was also starting school today ( and his little brother who wanted to get in the photo op ).

by all accounts, much fun was had by all.

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