the eric update – day 1227: (un)happy halloween.

after three days of battling a gastrointestinal bug that just won’t leave odin alone we had to make the unpopular decision that there’d be no trick or treating or other halloween revelry.

instead we talked about how if he didn’t replace all the fluids that were coming out of him with new fluids that we’d have to visit the doctor and he’d put some new fluid in with needles – scaaaaaaaary!

so, odin’s bummed. bummed that he’s sick and bummed that he doesn’t get to wear the awesome handmade dragon outfit his mamma made for him. and of course bummed that he won’t get his first opportunity to get all this candy that some of his friends have been telling him about. maybe we’ll have to do something special for him when he feels up to it. any ideas?

6 thoughts on “the eric update – day 1227: (un)happy halloween.”

  1. When my brother was really young (7) he had to have open heart surgery at the beginning of october – no trick or treating for him. My parents got him a single really cool toy, so he could say “no, I didn’t get candy, but a vampire left THIS in my room” (i think it was a special plastic dinosaur or something)

  2. I’d pick a date, ask the local neighbors, and even supply the candy for them. Have your own Halloween later! They probably have leftovers anyway and you could keep it small. Then, have a little party at the house honoring Halloween or whatever with all the decorations, etc.

    OR, I’d turn it into a Halloween as Easter thing and hide candy everywhere and he has to find it. Fun!

  3. Gee, those were both the ideas that Auntie Gina was going to suggest. Maybe his cousins and I will have to make up a fun little ‘boo basket’. Sorry to hear Odin didn’t get to trick or treat.

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  5. October turned into November. We truly hope Odin turned back into a busy, happy boy and that his folks simply haven’t had time to tell us that. Esta

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