the eric update – day 991: from toddler to young boy, feet first.

with spring rapidly approaching and odin outgrowing all his winter clothes we thought it was the perfect time to take his measurements in preparation for getting some new attire.

his shoes and boots in particular are feeling a bit snug so we first decided to measure he feet. i was thoroughly unprepared for the answer gleened from the sizing chart in the l.l. bean kids catalogue.

“size 10!?” kris exclaimed incredulously.

“huh?” i uttered with my usual level of perceptiveness.

the incredulity arose not from the number itself, but from the fact that l.l. bean considers size 10 to be the demarcation between toddler and young boy. sigh.

keep in mind that we both remember when his feet were barely bigger than a nickel, so you’ll excuse us for being overly amazed.

and no, i’m not sure he’s yet taken off the hat.

and yes, as is almost always the case these days truck is right in the center of the action 🙂

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