good fences make good neighbors?

one of the reasons that it’s a little quieter than usual around here is that any available “free” time is spent trying to cram in a bunch of summer projects before fall and winter. projects like putting in 150 feet of fencing. if you’re thinking about a fencing project yourself and maybe – like myself – it has been a few years since you’ve done it, don’t kid yourself. it’s a lot more work than you remember, even when you have the conveniences of a powered auger and a couple of young, strapping strapping farm boys.

i don’t really know if good fences make good neighbors, but it sure does make for a happy malamute who no longer has to be on a lead when he’s outside ( malamutes are notoriously untrainable when it comes to staying in yards and not chasing down cats and squirrels and whatnot ). and it works nicely as a toddler containment system 🙂

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