the eric update – day 668: is odin’s eyesight improving?

it doesn’t seem possible that six months have passed since odin’s previous eye exam, but i guess the calendar doesn’t lie, which is why we found ourselves sitting in the exam room, reading a magazine, waiting once again for the dilation drops to do their pupil dilation thing.

the good news is that while 6 months ago his diopter was about -5.25, this time his doctor thought it was a little better at -4.25! so, the optimistic view is that his eyesight might have improved slightly. or at the very least didn’t significantly worsen. and since there’s a chance that his eyesight might be improving, his doctor wants to wait a bit longer before prescribing glasses. i guess the theory being that glasses might hinder the natural self improvement. he’ll have another exam in four months to see in the improvements keep improving.

we’ll need to watch him closely over the next year to make sure that not correcting his vision isn’t impairing his ability to get on in the world. if i were a betting man, i’d wager that there’s almost a hundred percent chance that he’ll have glasses before his third birthday ( not that there’s anything wrong with that ), but i suppose you never know.

amazingly, both of his eyes still have the same diopter and therefore, there’s less of a chance of him crossing his eyes or developing a lazy eye which would require immediate correction since it can relatively quickly lead to cortical blindness.

all-in-all it was a very positive visit; well, except the actual dilating the pupils and shining the bright light in odin’s eye part. he’s so strong that it takes both kris and i to hold him down and it’s No Fun for everyone involved.

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