on cilantro, soap and statistics.

over the years, i’ve developed the theory that the world is divided between those that think that cilantro tastes like soap and those that don’t. the former group, of which i am a member, can not in anyway understand why anyone would want to eat soap and the latter group often thinks the other group is daft for thinking their beloved garnishment tastes awful.

after years of informal surveys, i had become convinced that about 40-50% of the general population falls into the “cilantro sucks and it tastes like soap” category and at first glance it looks like the stats at ihatecilantro support my theory. but unfortunately the chart really indicates that only 42% of the website members ( the vast majority of whom presumably already hate cilantro ) think it tastes like soap, leaving the question open as to what percentage of the population thinks cilantro tastes lovely and not even remotely close to doll hair or stink bugs.

clearly, more research is needed. [ via ]

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