the eric update – day 598: learning wants and needs.

whose bright idea was it to take odin to toys r us anyways?

we went looking for a decoy toy phone which we really do need so he can feel free to be as chatty with his imaginary friends as he wants to be without mucking up our real phone or inadvertently speed dialing 911.

of course, he only cares about what he wants which given his love of trucks and yellow school busses is probably not surprising.

but we just can’t do it. we can’t bring ourselves to buy him a big, yellow hummer. i mean, i know it’s just a toy and it’s not like we’ll admit publically to ever posting photos to fuh2 ( warning, don’t follow that link if looking at hundreds of photos of people flipping the bird or -the official Hummer H2 salute – is something you find offensive ).

but you really have to draw the line somewhere, right?

then again, if it was radio controlled and hit a top speed of around 40 miles per hour and had aftermarket paintball weaponry, then i’d be all over it.

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