the eric update – day 564: splish, splash – odin takes a bath!

even since his first bath from mamma, odin has loved his baths. and thanks to the fact that it’s one of The Four Bees he has had a bath almost every single night since coming home from the nicu. for better or worse, he so strongly associates bathing with sleeping that if we ask him if he’s tired, and he is, he exitedly runs for the bathtub.

but these days, you’d never know that he’s close to bedtime considering how much fun he’s having taking his splashing game to the next level. it has, apparently, become big fun to see how much water he can get on him mamma and pops.

but i guess it’s his way of winding down because almost without fail, 30 minutes later he’s fast asleep. for 14 hours. without waking.

in some ways, it seems like just yesterday that we were draping odin in a cloth diaper while giving him nicu baths to help him feel, if only slightly, like he was bundled in the womb.

sure, i’m not exactly unbiased, but it’s still amazing to take a slow stroll down memory lane via odin’s bathtime slide show.

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