the eric update – day 526: evidence of an advanced Food Finding Heuristic?

certainly there’s little doubt that we humans are very adept at using pattern recognition to create rules as we attempt to create order out of chaos, enabling what some refer to as rapid cognition.

since odin doesn’t need to concern himself with using his rapidly advancing cognitive abilities for basic survival, he apparently enjoys using his pattern recognition powers to hone his Food Finding Heuristic.

even though we try not to eat much “processed” foods ( or at least we try not to give him much of the processed foods that we oh so occasionally have around 🙂 ) that hasn’t stopped odin from getting very good at picking through new grocery bags to find The Good Stuff; even if he’s never had the food in question, such as these fig newman cookies – he is increasingly confident in his judgement that whatever is inside must be absolutely positively super tasty.

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