the eric update – day 487: mozart effect or not, odin loves strumming the six string.

while we’re not sure if all the benefits of the purported mozart effect have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, odin has been listening to music almost since the day he was born ( and every day since ) because there’s at least some evidence to support the notion that music therapy for premature infants can be beneficial even if it doesn’t causually increase their intelligence quotient.

and even since he’s been home, we’ve tried to give him a variety of opportunties to get his groove on from watching his pops play guitar to playing the piano. and occasionally we’ll even try to see if knows the correct diatonic scale 🙂

and even if it’s not ultimately true that music lessons might boost your child’s IQ or verbal memory it’s at the very least a fun way to pass the time.

and besides, odin really does need to get his licks in so that he can contribute to sufactant’s first single – central line ( yes, that’s nicu graduate humor ).

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