the eric update – day 463: poppi. why won’t you come and play with me?

gah. that “cold”? it’s not going away. by friday, i was operating under the assumption that i was just going to get pneumonia. but now it has abated just a bit and i think it’s just a particularly nasty version of the common cold, with no real fever or chills but lots and lots and lots(!) of mucus and coughing and more mucus and coughing. and yet still more mucus and coughing.

and now with the sinus pain. ack. hopefully the megadoses of ibuprofin aren’t just disguising a case of sinusitis.

of course, odin has no idea why i can’t always immediately play with him when i’m emitting seemingly continuous streams of virus laden fluids.

which makes me wonder – when are you contagious during a a cold? for the entire cold? or just the first few days? and while i’ve been as conscientious as i can be, about washing/decontaminating myself before playtime, i can’t believe he hasn’t come down with it. maybe he’s already successfully fought off the infectious invaders?

oh, and if anyone has tried-and-true cures for the common cold, i’d be mighty obliged if you shared it.

please. help. me.

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