the eric update – day 426: The Great Butt Rash War.

other than the occasional teething-related chappy cheeks, we’ve been quite fortunate to not have to deal with any chappy/rashy ailments that a good dose of a&d ointment ( thanks for the suggestion, lafrog! ) couldn’t fix. that is, until recently.

we’ve suddenly found ourselves in the midst of a butt rash battle that we are evidently losing what with the ever increasing expanse of blistery red skin that’s taking over his behind.

apparently, the faithful a&d ointment needs to be replaced with stronger anti butt rash weaponry and i’m sure odin would be the first to thank anyone who can suggest a soothing salve 🙂

we think it’s teething induced diaper rash, although that’s just a guess ( where’s that handbook again? ). we’ve introduced a few new foods recently, but the rash doesn’t seem to be related to any of those.

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