the eric update – day 418: odin’s epicurean adventures! yucky beets and other stuff that pops wouldn’t eat even if you paid him.

in our continuing attempts to break odin’s “jarred” habit kris thought it might be nice to whip up a concoction of pureed beets, apples, peaches, barley and brewer’s yeast.

i kid you not.

i’m not sure exactly when, but somewhere along the way me and beets decided that we couldn’t live together and the very smell of them makes me want to gag. i can’t imagine the gastrointestinal awefulness that must result from blending them together with all the other ingredients and surely will not ever, ever, ever be caught eating the deceptively innocuous looking slop.

but apparently odin didn’t inherit my disdain for the evil purple taproot , as when i paused to take a picture he clamored for me to cut it out and resume to shoveling it in!

despite the fact that i was fighting the urge to gag, you will notice that i was still skilled enough to feed him the mixture that could almost stain your shirt just by looking at it the wrong way without a bib!

you must admit that i’ve got the spoon feeding skills to pay the bills!

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