the eric update – day 416 odin’s epicurean adventures! on breaking the "jarred" habit!

since learning how to eat chunky, crunchy foods like cheerios without gagging we’ve been slowly tweaking his meals to try and change his preference for eating only jarred foods, which he acquired because we could never seem to puree homemade food finely enough to prevent him from choking.

after 27 days of intensive work ( o.k. maybe it wasn’t that intensive ), odin has pretty much lost any preference for food in a jar and will happily gobble up pretty much anything we toss together.

and we don’t even have to puree it to remove every last chunk!

tonight odin enjoyed a blend of garden fresh tomatoes, spinach, ground lamb ( maybe the bone soup had an early influence because he definately enjoys eating meat and doesn’t seem inclined towards vegetarianism ), cheese and even a little bit of onion!

it’s a little tough to tell because he’s already a little tired and ready for sleepy time, but he really does like the concoction.

everyone while everyone might be bored of me belaboring this point, but there’s chunks in them thar spoonfulls! and not just chunks of solid lamb, but there’s also pureed bits of tomato which makes it both chunky and smooth which can sometimes cause the most problems if kids have motor delays because it can take a lot of control to let the smooth stuff go down while keeping the chunky stuff around for further processing.

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