the eric update – day 414: odin’s first Really Big Ouchie.

amongst the many things that are amazing about odin’s adventures thus far are that somehow in the past four hundred and fourteen days he hasn’t caught a single cold and he hasn’t had a Really Big Ouchie.

and while we can still be amazed at his ability to fend off infectious agents, today has the dubious distinction of being the day odin gave himself his first fairly good self inflicted wound when he cracked his mouth on the edge of the dresser as he tried to dive out of mamma’s arms right at precisely the moment that she was starting to lean over to pick up something off the floor.

it’s a little hard to tell but his cheek is swollen and his lip is cracked on the corner of is mouth and the inside of his cheek, which experience tells me is one of the worst places to crack your lip because it takes forever to heal. you can still see the red marks on his face even though this picture was taken hours after the initial incident.

but as if to make us admire even more greatly his is strength and resilience, soon after the intial incident he trekked off to our local car dealer with kris only to unexpectedly sit and wait almost 2 hours for an oil change for our jetta tdi.

he never complained once.

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