the eric update – day 410: time to batten down the hatches!

while odin has been crawling and climbing for quite some time and we’ve been forced to take some rudimentary baby-proofing of the house ( mostly to prevent unsupervised stair mastery ) and we haven’t really had to concern ourselves with fully battening down the hatches because he hasn’t seem overly preoccupied with things we didn’t want him to be preoccupied with beyond the Forbidden Foliage and Incredibly Interesting Power Supplies.

but something has changed in the past few days and i suspect things may never be the same.

it all started when we noticed that Mister Intentionality’s interest in his changing table has moved beyond pulling off a few clothes; it’s a little hard to catch him in the act, but we strongly suspect that when he’s roaming around his room after he’s awaken from his slumber on his Big Boy Bed that sometimes he tries to climb up onto and into the shelves!

within days of attempting to scale his dressing table, odin has taken a new interest in investigating the knobs on the various drawers and shelving around the house; and while he’s always enjoyed playing with the knobs, and managed to occasionally, accidentally open a drawer or door, he’s never seemed overly interested in intentionally opening them and pulling out the contents. that is, until yesterday.

and today, he uncovered the coveted Candy Drawer which, for unexplained reasons, just happens to at just the perfect height for Wee Ones to play with all the Super Fun Wrappers!

the individual bite sized wrappers could be and endless source of amusement if we weren’t such mean parents 🙂

of course, after foiling his efforts to eat obscene amounts of candy, odin discovered, for the very first time, the Container Cupboard.

and now we know that things will never, ever be the same.

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