the eric update – day 393: the Incredible Interestingness of the laptop power supply.

we’ve discovered that the only thing that capture odin’s attention more quickly than Forbidden Foliage is the Incredibly Interesting Laptop Power Supply.

time and time again, we’ve seen that as soon as he spots the shiny, plastic power supply he’ll drop everything to investigate it more closely.

we’re at a loss to explain the underlying force behind the Incredible Interestiness, but – assuming that odin is not the only infant enthralled with the device – clearly there must be an opportunity for a budding entrepreneur to develop decoy power supplies, using infant friendly materials ( note: if you decide to bring this idea to market please consider donating 100 percent of your net profits to odin’s college fund )!

for twenty minutes today, i tried to convince odin that the power supply was not a teething toy and endlessly reiterated “no bite.” each time i took from his mouth, hoping that eventually he might consider simply playing with it without biting on the cord.

but alas, my pleas held no power ( ha! no pun intended ) and we’ll have to fight this battle again another day 🙂

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