the eric update – day 369: where odin’s ancestor plotted revolutionary plans!

day 369: where odin's ancestor plotted revolutionary plans! I.

in downtown machias you can find one of the oldest standing original buildings in maine – the burnham tavern, which is best remembered locally as the site where locals plotted that would eventually lead to the first naval battle of the american revolution.

recently we learned that one of odin’s ancestors, samuel watts, mortally wounded the lieutenant of the british ship which led to it’s eventual capture, so obviously we had to stop by for a visit.

day 369: where odin's ancestor plotted revolutionary plans! II.

although we took a tour of the museum, they wouldn’t let us take any pictures inside! so we couldn’t get a shot of odin climbing up a highchair built in the 1600s or a photo of his playing with cannon balls or a picture of him looking at the chest that was used to carry a dying british lieutenant back to the tavern, his blood still visible after all these years.

i’m sure it’s exactly the sort of thing that a young boy will find fascinating in a few years, even if the rest of us might find it just a bit morbid.

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