the eric update – day 366: the bad little falls!

unless your from the area you probably don’t know that machias is a passamaquoddy word that means “bad little falls” and refers, approriately enough, to the steep, falls in the middle of the town.

it’s not niagara falls, but on a day when it’s “moving fast” it can still be fun to pass the time listening to the rushing water rush down and over the rocks.

the chain link fence surrounding the falls which is presumably meant to keep adventurous types from adventuring too close makes it easy for odin to stand and watch the falls, listening to the loud, rushing, gushing, crashing water!

he’s never seen anything like it, but rather than being timid, he’s excitedly growling at the water and raising and lowering himself which is a sure sign that he’s having a great time.

maybe we’ll have to make a trip to niagara sooner than later on one of our trips back to the midwest.

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