the eric update – day 364: preparing for odin’s big birthday!

well, we can’t hardly believe that almost a whole year has gone by since odin’s unexpected arrival and even though we’re not going to do anything too extravagent, there’s still a lot of preparations that are being prepared.

of course, food for the adults is almost as important as anything else and even though you might think i’ve had more than my fair share of clams recently, i asked odin and he said it was quite fine with him if i went ahead and bought 15 pounds ( 6.8 kilos ) to go along with all that other seafood that will probably show up on the dinner table ( and neener! neener! i only paid $30 for all those clams that were dug this very morning! but i couldn’t have done it without a little help from gigi and the fine folks at the c.e. fish company. ). odin seems quite satisfied after he inspects the clams and quickly turns his attention to the wondrous and amazing lid of the cooler.

the big question though, is what sort of cake odin might enjoy, but i think only kris knows that answer and she’s not telling! i suspect it might not even be cake at all, since odin doesn’t like to eat anything thicker than mushy baby food. and we’re a little hesitant about giving him a bunch of food that he’s never eaten before ( wheat, dairy, sugar ) in addition to being wary of The Incredible Unedible Egg. i’m sure she’ll probably concoct something fun and tasty.

i should also mention that i set up a flickr birthday group and people have already uploaded many fun in inventive photos in honor of his birthday and i think it’s you might see a few more before the end of the day tommorrow, so go and check it out.

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