the eric update – day 344: we finally arrive! and meet and eat with a new cousin!

whooohoooo! four days after beginning the trip we finally, at long last, arrived. considering The Troubles and the fact that we were travelling with and infant for the very first time and that we had somehow managed to log 1,400 miles which is several hundred more than i remember traveling in the past – i’m impressed that we ended our journey a mere day off our projected schedule.

soon after arriving it’s time for some food which gives odin and his 6 month old cousin haley a chance to study each other’s eating styles.

hayley is being fingerfed some mashed potatoes and seems quite intrigued by odin’s dinner of spoonfed baby food.

just as hayley watches him eat, odin studiously studies her eating style, presumably fascinated that there is no spoon involved.

and maybe he’s impressed that hayley can eat mashed potatoes at such an early age. he still has trouble with “thick” or chunky foods and will often gag on them, so we tend to stick to the smooth and creamy stuff.

or perhaps he’s just wondering how she’s managed to grow so much hair in such a short time! given his still relatively bald head, it’s hard to believe she’s a almost 7 months younger than him.

odin did get a chance to meet grandparents and great grandparents for the first time, but i didn’t get around to taking any pictures, but i’ll correct that situation soon 🙂

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