the eric update – day 337: DADA! versus the jar lid.

as we get down to the final days before we leave town for “out east” there are, of course, endless details that need attending to between odin’s naps and his The Four Bees.

today i happened to be gone for much of the day, always aware that if i didn’t make it home before our super sleeper’s bedtime of 6 p.m. or so that i might not get a chance to say “goodnight” ( and oh how that statement reveals how much my life has changed in the past year )!

i walked in the door, just as kris was finishing his dinner, getting ready to prepare his bath and as soon as he saw me he belted out “DADA!”.

sure he’s been practicing saying “dada” since my birthday and kris claims that he’d been saying it all day, but i’ll always choose to believe that he was happily and emphatically letting me know that he was very pleased to see me.

like me, he doesn’t seem to care too much if talks with remnants of food in his mouth.

of course, moments after his melt-my-heart greeting, a far more interesting object has captured his attention.

the lid to his jar of peas.

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