the eric update – day 305: down with the sippy cup industrial complex!

montessori schools discourage them in their classrooms and some speech pathologists and dentist advise against their use ( always a naysayer in the crowd though ); and yet despite the misgivings, you’re still likely to see them everywhere – kids clamoring for their brightly colored sippy cups.

while we’re not anti-sippy militants and we might change our tactic the first time he spills grape juice on a relative’s carpet, we still thought it would be fun to get odin used to drinking from a “real” cup. or at least a very, very diminutive cup.

and no, smarty pants, it’s not a shot glass. it’s a mini measure, measuring cup which is just the perfect size for odin to mimic us while we’re drinking from our cups. he’s already quite adept at putting it up to his mouth, but what little liquid we put in the glass usually ends up running down his face, as he doesn’t have all motions coordinated perfectly.

but soon enough, i suspect, he’ll be banging his Real Cup on the table, yelling for, “more juice!”

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