the eric update – day 279: running with pops. and tapas!

i finally figured out to get the jogging stroller to stop swerving to the left, so i decided to take odin on a three mile run down the long and not-so-winding road.

but alas, it appears that odin has a two mile limit and let me know that he’d really enjoy it if i carried him the last mile. i was somewhat amused to watch people watch me run/walk the last mile, picking him up and carrying him for a bit every quarter mile or so.

maybe i was imagining it, but i thought i could sense an immediate bonding with parents who were running or rollerblading by thinking, “ah yes. been there. done that.”

but maybe taking the time to stop and walk wasn’t so bad, because if we hadn’t i probably wouldn’t have decided to take a little detour to a nearby farmhouse so that odin could get his very first look at a mare and her foal.

the foal was cute because at first it was cautiously hiding behind its mother who was eyeing us warily. but slowly, the foal stepped out to give us a good look. i thought it might even walk right up and give us a nuzzle, but we weren’t to be so lucky.

i couldn’t figure out a good way to get odin in the shot with the horses, but trust me, he’s just out of the frame in my left arm making funny noises as he perhaps tries to figure out what these new dogs don’t look like any others.

uncle matt and auntie deb were back in town after a 10 week vacation in the south pacific. of course, they’ve been keeping up with odin’s adventures via the wonders of the world wide web, but that didn’t really prepare them for how much he’s changed since they’ve been gone. even with all the photos, we tend to forget just how quickly he’s growing and getting to be a big boy, but they assured us that it was almost as if we’d exchanged him for a newer, even cuter version.

to celebrate their arrival, we took them out to a local tapas bistro. if you’re ever in grand rapids, go to san chez – you won’t be sorry.

oh, and i have no idea what he’s looking at. maybe the waitress?

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