the eric update – day 249: playin’ on the ‘puter.

so i’m sitting at the computer with odin, trying to read recent comments on my flickr photos. the only problem is that odin has figured out that when you sit in front of this particular device the appropriate behavior is to begin banging away on the keyboard, which makes sense since he’s seen me doing just that for a long time – even while he was in the nicu and i was passing time making movies.

he looked so cute banging away on the keys, happily “talking” about something very, very important that i decided to snap a photo, which wasn’t as easy as you might think since he’s sitting on my lap, which means i’m forced to “shoot from the hip” by holding the camera down by my side, shooting, and hoping for the best. but everytime he hears the sound of the autofocus motor, which is by now a very familiar sound – he turns his head to look straight at the camera.

i guess i shouldn’t be surprised since he’s had a quite a bit of experience with associating the sound of the camera and staring at the lens.

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