the eric update – day 234: odin’s epicurean adventures! bone soup.

after an edible epicurean adventure, we’re returning to a recipe that’s guaranteed to stimulate odin’s sense of smell – bone soup. sure, most people might call it beef soup and the final product doesn’t contain any bones ( one hopes ), but it is made with soup bones and i suspect odin will like my more evocative name over the boring one. so bone soup it is.

the broth for bone soup is prepared by adding a few pounds of meaty, fatty soup bones to a pot of water with an onion, whole celery stalks, bay leaves, black peppercorns and whatever other odds and ends you might have laying around. let simmer overnight and be prepared to have the house gradually become so filled with the smell of the ingredients mixing together that it’s not unlikely that you’ll awake in a pool of saliva. unless you’re a vegitarian, in which case it might be a pool of something else entirely.

after simmering the broth for 12 or 16 or how ever many hours it might be until you can get around to finishing the job, you’ll strain out most of the mushy remains of the bones, celery, onion and whatnot, keeping the fragrant bone soup broth.

then it’s time to add whatever you want in the final concoction. today we added a pound or two of your favorite meat cut into appropriately sized pieces, peas, carrots, green beans and corn. after simmering for a few more hours and right before you want to eat, add a bag of your favorite brand of egg noodles.

whoila! bone soup!

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