the eric update – day 232: on a cheaper and better baby monitor.

like me, you might think in this day and age that the technology embedded in baby monitors would be fairly commoditized. much like a toaster, you might expect to pay a little more for a particular brand or advanced toasting features, but the basic components should all work just about the same, right?


for our baby shower we registered for safety 1st 900 MHz home connection monitors. much to our dismay we discovered ( after we had thrown away the receipt ) that they are $129 pieces of static spewing junk with microphones that are so insentisitive that you nearly have to have the transmitter sitting on top of your child to pick up anything over the static.

so we went back and purchased the much more affordable sony baby call nursery monitor which is priced at about $40 and puts the safety 1st product to shame. there’s virtually no static and it’s microphone is so sensitive that we can have it sitting across the room from odin and still hear him shifting around quietly in his bed ( which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how neurotic we’re feeling ).

the only downside is that we very occasionally pick up our neighbor’s cordless phone calls!

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