the eric update – day 215: 7 months! copier!

you didn’t almost forget that odin is seven months old today, did you? of course you didn’t. oh, how time flies and all that.

while it might seem that he’s doing the tongue thing as he gazes at himself in the mirror, he’s actually imitating me!

earlier in the day i was doing the move where you stick out your tongue and blow air out through your lips resulting in that funny “vibrating” lip motion with spit spraying everywhere. some infants can imitate this behavior at a very early age, but whenever we’d do it odin would just look blankly at us, perhaps wondering why we were spitting on him.

today he didn’t try to copy me right away, but rather he waited a few hours and i caught him imitating me over and over again as he stared at himself in the mirror.

i suspect kris is wary of the many other wonderful things he’ll attempt to imitate after seeing his pops do it first.

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