the eric update – day 197: the littlest scientist.

little odin is becoming quite the scientific investigator lately as he investigates his hypothesis about the nature of cause and effect. like any good scientist, after he formulates his theory he designes an experiment to test the hypothesis.

today while he was sitting in his bouncy seat, i noticed that he was very meticulously studying the the effects of his actions when he knocked on the stuffed animals that were hanging above him. over and over and over he’d repeat the behavior you see in this series, almost without variation.

first, he’d reach up and grab at them and then he’d patiently watch for the effect of his action.

as you can see, he’s discovered that sometimes if you stick out your tongue it helps to focus your mind when you’re in deep concentration.

as the swinging animals slowed, he’d start to get very excited as if the maginificent implications of his new discovery were slowly beginning to dawn on him. at other moments, he’d go back to intently watching them slowly stop swinging.

finally, more often than not, the study would end with a very happy smile. as if he were quite proud at his accomplishment.

and then the process would start all over again.

of course, he’s been batting and grabbing at objects for quite some time, but this type of careful observation of the effects of a repeated action is quite new and i suspect that the littlest scientist is discovering that he can cause things to move!

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