the eric update – day 189: teething?!

this was going to be a picture to accompany another epicurean adventure about the wonders of sourdough baking as an excuse for establishing a family tradition.

a long time time ago we received a gift of sour dough starter. sourdough “starter” is a batter filled with yeast and bacteria that is used to create a batch of sourdough bread. amazingly sourdough starter can live for a long, long time as long as you care for it while it’s in your refridgerator. when our friend gave us the “starter” that was over 30 years old we became enchanted with the idea of sourdough as a metaphor for creating a organic tradition that can be cultivated through the ages. so kris created a batch of “starter” imagining that odin would think we were that much wierder when he got older and realized that we were making bread from a material that was as old as he was.

while kris was making the starter, i had my hands full with odin. he was uncharacteristically fussy and irritable and if you look close at the picture you’ll see another bit of strangeness. he was drooling. alot. little bits of drool were collecting in his mouth and we noticed that his lapel was drenched in spit ( look close at the lapel on his “hoodie” and you’ll see that it’s dark with wetness ).

hmmmmm. a fussy, irritible baby who is drooling? could it be that little odin is in the earliest stages of teething?!

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