the eric update – day 184: 6 months!

has it really been 6 months since little odin was born far too early? no, really. has it?

i guess it has. i know all the cliches about time flying, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

in any case, as many of you already know, even though chronologically he’s 6 months old, he’s really fast approaching his 3rd month in age adjusted terms!

i always try to point out that we’re not obsessed with milestones but it’s still nice to take a peak and see what the “averages” predict; according to milestone charts reading is even more important than ever during the third and fourth months as odin’s temporal and parietal lobes are becoming a lot more active.

of course, we like reading to odin, but sometimes reading the same old books can get boooooooooring. so it’s super great that grandma salmi got him his first magazine subscription! that’s right, every few months little odin will get his very own copy of national wildlife foundation’s award winning “wild animal baby” magazine. the site claims that it’s meant for 12 months to 4 years, but little odin doesn’t seem to care much and the images and mamma’s voice hold his attention as well anything else in his reading library.

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