the eric update – day 181: gifts from strangers! and working out.

with everything going on during the holidays, i almost forgot to mention that we received a super fantastic package from carolin all the way from freiburg germany.

in addition to a postcard, she also sent an ornament that we’ll hang in his room all year round and a picture book that’s soft and fuzzy and makes a crinkley sound when you touch the cover!

i can’t think of a better example of the spirit of the holiday season and it really does make us smile big smiles to think about a stranger caring enough for odin to pick out and send him special gifts.

thanks carolin!

working out is an important part of odin’s day. and although he’s not lifting weights or doing yoga yet, it’s still a pretty good workout for him to try to grasp a toy from his new gymini gym while climbing on his boppy.

he doesn’t get too far yet, but i’ll bet it won’t be too long before he makes short work of the boppy obstacle course.

phew! working out is hard!

i’m sure everyone can guess who he’s looking at so intently while he’s giving his i’m-sooooooo-tired-pick-me-up look.

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