the eric update – day 168: the Really Big Field Trip sink bath! and returning.

it’s time to get ready for the long trip home after a few days of the Really Big Field Trip.

of course, one must simply be squeaky clean for the long car ride, but even despite using a variant of the diaper trick, odin is quite clearly not too sure about the merits of being bathed in grandma and grandpa salmi’s sink.

such a frown!

ahhh, but the sad situation is quickly remedied when odin discovers that his after bath blanket has been warmed!

thanks to a tip from grandparents, we discovered babies really like a snuggly blanket warmed for a minute in the microwave.

anything that makes the frowny face disappear is fine by me!

all good things must come to an end and too soon it’s time to return home from the Really Big Field Trip. our return trip brings us back over the mackinac bridge in the waning daylight which gives me an opportunity to photograph it as we approach the 3,800 foot center span which is the the third-longest suspension span in the u.s. and ninth longest in the world.

it’s amazing to think that the 5 mile bridge ( the longest supsension bridge in the u.s ) was originally conceived in the 1880’s but not finished until 1957!

little odin slept through both trips across the bridge, but i suspect he’ll have many more chances to see the straits of mackinac in the years to come.

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