the eric update – day 166: resting on the Really Big Field Trip. and the amazingly expressive sisu boy!

after spending so much time on the road for the Really Big Field Trip, little odin is quite happy to spend some quality time on grandma and grandpa salmi’s comfy carpeted floor all bundled up in his favorative blanket.

there’s nothing quite like the restorative power of a good nap.

of course, when odin is visiting his finnish relatives in the upper penninsula of michigan, we’re obligated to have odin wear his sisu shirt at least once, since sisu is a finnish word that means “stamina, perserverance, courage, and determination held in reserve for hard times”.

at one point during the day odin enjoys having a very emotive “conversation” with his great aunt dolly.

he starts by wildly gesticulating about something that is obviously quite important and continues with a series of expressions make it hard not to imagine that he’s having a grand time expressing himself.

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