the eric update – day 160: supermega fun time on the cradle swing!

with his wrist rattle hand raised in the air while swinging in the cradle swing i imagine that little odin is enjoying his very own personal amusement park ride.

as always, mauja is nearby just in case things get out of control. he’s always ready to give me a stern malamute “raarrgh raaargh” if he thinks i’m not watching odin closely enough. you’ll notice that while the cradle swing is swinging he likes to sit as close as he possibly can without getting bonked in the head.

soon enough the supermega fun time ride is over and i wonder when odin will let out a howl to “do it again! do it again!”

note that mauja thinks it’s o.k. to put his head down and pretend as if he’s not being supremely vigilent, but he won’t move an inch until i take odin out of the swing.

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