the eric update – day 156: another dog seizure? holiday tv traditions! a captured smile!

well, it hasn’t even been two weeks since his last one, but we think that mauja has another seizure this morning. we were all sitting in the bedroom and all of a sudden, mauja couldn’t get up, which is the same behavior we saw on thanksgiving.

while kris called the vet i sat with him as he lay on the floor with a slightly dazed look, cocking his head off to the side as if he were off balance or trying to get water out of his ear.

unlike our past experience with dogs and seizures, which involved lots of horrid spasms, he didn’t show any signs of twitching.

unfortunately the vet said that more likely than not, he was actually having the seizure at that very moment and that was what was causing his temporary ataxia and dazed demeaner. within forty minutes – much quicker than on thanksgiving – he was up and walking around like a drunken sailor.

the experts will tell you that a brain tumor is the most probably cause of a seizures in a dog older than 5 years with no prior history of the disorder. later in the day kris took mauja to the vet for a blood test to help rule out other causes such as diabetes or liver failure. we should know more tommorrow, but his prognosis isn’t looking good.

as any parent with tell you, life goes on – doggy seizures or not – so later in the day we decide to spend a little time enjoying in a another holiday tradition. little odin doesn’t watch too much tv, but it’s never to early to let him catch his first viewing of “a charlie brown christmas! it seems particularly appropriate, given that one of our christmas trees looks like the charlie brown tree.

the shot was taken in super duper low light conditions so cut me some slack on the over exposure on the television 🙂

next up on the holiday tv-watching-tradition list – a christmas story!

after many “smiles that got away”, i was finally able to capture one in Yet Another Special Moment with Mamma.

his smiles are coming even more frequently than last week, so maybe soon i’ll be able to bore you all with a “Smile of the Week” feature.

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