the eric update – day 136: double trouble?

some of you might know for the the snowdeal show ® we co-purchased a multiple tenant unit house in the historic district of our city with kris’ sister and her partner. we occupy a unit and they occupy a unit and we rent out the other two to tenants.

they recently had a baby, wheeler francis griffin-salmi and, of course we have little odin and one of the advantages of having family in the house is that there’s always a helping hand nearby ( just like the “old days”! perhaps someday we can just get a grandparent or two to occupy one of the other units 🙂 ).

today we had our first chance to take care of wheeler francis while her parents were away and it was enlightening to get a small taste of what parents of multiples go through every single day. i think each additional newborn exponentially complications the caregiving process. it’s a delicate balance of eating, sleeping, holding and feeding and if you’re really lucky by the end of the day, they’ll be perfectly syched and want to be fed and held at exactly the same time.

our next door neighbors have two-and-a-half year old triplets and i really can’t imagine how they’ve managed to retain their sanity. not that caring for wheeler was too terribly difficult – i just can’t imagine doing it day-in and day-out.

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