the eric update – day 129: not an quite an 8 pounder. yet. but soon.

we had another normal “healthy checkup” visit with the pediatrician today and discovered that, we’d been fooled by faulty scales and that he’s not really broken the 8 pound mark just quite yet. today he tipped the scales at 7 pounds 14.5 ounces or about 3586 grams.

his last couple of weighins have been done when he was fully clothed which was obviously contributing to the artificial gains.

but not to worry, it still appears that he’s gained about 20 ounces in 14 days, so he’s still doing great with his weight gains ( anything above an ounce a day is fantastic ) and the pediatrician doesn’t feel that he needs any additional fortifier, which is super good because he’s been nursing so much that he hasn’t been getting any fortifier anyway ( you can’t add the fortifier to the milk when it’s coming straing from The Source ).

the doctor also said that he wanted to order a “download” of the data from his home monitor and if the neonatologists thought that everything looked o.k. then he’ll finally be “unwired”! i suspect the process of doing the download and everyone consulting with each other might take about a week, so we’ll have to deal with false alarms and wires for just a bit longer.

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