the eric update – day 104: on odin’s original due date and age adjustments.

it’s hard to believe, but 104 days after he was born, odin celebrated the arrival of his original due date. that’s right, if everything had gone as expected, little odin wouldn’t have been born until today ( give or take a few days ).

odin celebrated today by hanging out with a bunch of extended family members, including grandma and grandpa salmi who came all the way from the upper peninsula of michigan and were very happy to finally get a chance to hold their grandson.

odin also spent a little time with his cutie new cousin, wheeler francis griffin-salmi. it’s more than appropriate to take a picture of the two of them together, since they are almost exactly the same age, gestationally speaking. obviously wheeler has packed on a few more pounds while in the womb for 15 weeks longer than odin. in addition to the obvious indications, there will likely be more subtle differences between odin and wheeler that will only reveal themselves over time.

it can sometimes cause micropreemie ( and preemie ) parents no small amount of grief when people don’t understand that you can’t judge their progress merely by looking at their chronological age, but you rather have to adjust things by how many weeks early they were born. in other words, in a very real sense, little odin is simultaneously both 104 days and 0 days old today.

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